• ITC 2020: call for reviewers

    Dear ITC Friends,

    Attached please find an invitation to academics interested in reviewing submissions for the 2020 Conference of the International Test Commission to register as a reviewer.

    For more information about the 2020 ITC Conference, please visit

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      Paula Elosua 
    ITC Secretary General Email: 
    University of the Basque Country, Spain 

    The International Test Commission

  • The 2020 ITC conference website is live

    The 12th confrence of the International Test Commission will be in Luxembourg. Website for the conference:

  • Workshop Schedule: Building bridges between the educational and the EDM communities

    July 2nd workshop: Building bridges between the educational and the EDM communities

    Where? UQAM, Pavillon Sherbrooke. 200 Sherbrooke West, Montreal, QC, H2X 3P2.

    8:45 to 8:55_Welcoming of participants

    8:55 to 9:35_Report from the field: the stories of two different learning analytics platforms (Sameer Bhatnagar)

    9:35 to 9:55_Enhancing a Web-based Language Tutoring System with Learning Analytics (Björn Rudzewitz, Ramon Ziai, Florian Nuxoll, Kordula De Kuthy & Detmar Meurers) PDF

    9:55 to 10:15_Analyzing Student Performance with Personalized Study Path and Learning Trouble Ratio (James Shing Chun Yip & Raymond Chi-Wing Wong) PDF

    10:15 to 10:40_Coffee break

    10:40 to 11:00_Differentiating between Educational Data Mining and Learning Analytics: A Bibliometric Approach(Stevens Dormezil, Taghi Khoshgoftaar & Federica Robinson-Bryant) PDF

    11:00 to 11:20_Student Behavioral Embeddings and Their Relationship to Outcomes in a Collaborative Online Course (Renzhe Yu, Zachary Pardos & John Scott) PDF

    11:20 to 12:00_Round table: Building bridges between the ...

  • Call for papers: ADMÉE 2019

    Assessment and Learning: Which Combinations?

    Details and submission forms:

    Deadline : May 26, 2019

    The study session is for researchersstudentspractitioners and professionals from various testing and assessment backgrounds and from various fields (educationhealthscience and engineeringhumanities and social sciencesarts, etc.)

    Thank you for sharing this announcement to your networks as widely as possible.

  • New publication: Accountability Policies in Education

    This book addresses current changes of education policies in a context of globalisation. It does so by focusing on the implementation of performance-based accountability policies in France and in Quebec (Canada). It questions the trajectory of these policies, their mediations and their instrumentation in various territories and schools through a theoretical framework which combines a North American neo-institutionalist approach with the perspective of the French sociologie de l’action publique. The book extends the current international literature on Englishspeaking experiences of hard accountability to research on “soft” accountability policies and proposes a deep investigation in two highly contrasted education systems. This investigation is multilevel and has led to field research both in schools, in intermediate authorities, and in central administrations for three years. The research presented in the book addresses the international literature on accountability in public administration and in education, the current transformations of governance in education, as well ...

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